Sunday, 30 December 2018

#VintagePledge - more of the same

I knew as soon as I'd finished Style 2912 I knew that I needed more than one of these dresses in my wardrobe. I just love it so much: the easy shape; the neckline; the fact that I don't have to add pockets because it has them already. I bought the fabric more or less as soon as the first one was finished, but then Things Happened, and it all got a bit delayed.

The pattern layout is for fabric without nap, whereas the craft cotton fabric I chose has a strong directional print. I bought extra, but it was only just enough. Despite that, with careful cutting out I managed to get all the pieces, even the facings and pockets, cut in the right direction. (Indeed yes, I am a slightly obsessive completist - why do you ask?!)

Scatter Joy by Kathy Davis for Fabric Traditions

Finding buttons was tricky. This is nearly always the case: I think that I must just be very, very particular about buttons! I wanted gold ones, to tie in with the gold dots on the fabric, but everything I found was far too shiny for what I had in mind. Fortunately on my London trip MacCulloch and Wallis came up trumps, with the perfect buttons in matte gold.

Exactly what I was looking for

If I thought the buttons were difficult to source, this was nothing compared to the belt. Really, how hard can it be to find a narrow navy leather belt? Very hard, as it turned out. In the end I gave up and took my inspration from the pattern envelope.

Going back to the source material

I bought some dark blue fabric and made an obi-style belt, using the one I made for New Look 6184 as a pattern.

And here is the end result.

The finished dress

Just how much I love this pattern was apparent when I came to sort out the photographs for this post. Usually I take lots of pictures, and can immediately discount several of them. In every single photo I took this time, I'm looking ridiculously pleased with this dress.

Looking back at the original post, I haven't actually achieved my Vintage Pledge this year. My pledge was to:
Make up at least three of my vintage patterns from the period 1960 - 1989.

Well I have made up three dresses: two from 1979 and one from 1967, but only from two patterns. Must do better next year!

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