Tuesday 31 January 2012

A start, and some examples

Welcome to my blog. I plan to use this to record whatever I'm working on, various things sewing-related, and a few "how-tos"along the way.

When I'm sewing for other people I concentrate on just that piece, but sewing for myself is another matter. I sometimes have several projects on the go, some taking rather longer than others. More to the point, I always have far more ideas and plans than I have time to realise. Hopefully blogging about them will encourage me to get at least a few things finished (or even, started).

Here are a few pictures of recent projects. I'll post about them in more detail, and about what I'm working on now, over the next few weeks.

Purple dress with contrast collar and cuffs

The "If it can go wrong" dress

Golden Era-inspired dance costume

Tunisian costumes