Contemporary Gallery

This blog is now more than ten(!) years old, and has over 500 posts. That's a fair amount of information and pictures, so in an attempt to bring some order to the chaos I have created these gallery pages. They contain pictures of pretty much everything I have made in that time (and, I've realised, a lot of views of my back yard in various shades of yellow!), with hyperlinks to the blogposts.

This page contains all of my contemporary makes, that is to say, post-1990 patterns. It's odd now to look back on some of my very early creations and remember how averse I was to being photographed wearing them. Thanks to the self-timer and an absurd number of outtakes, I have got over that!

New Look

When I came to put this page together I was astonished to discover just how much I use New Look patterns. The fact that I have made some of them up more than once adds to the overall number, but still. Clearly there's just something about their designs which appeals to me.

Left to right:
New Look 6643, version 1
New Look 6643, version 2
New Look Frankenpattern
New Look 6594, version 1

Left to right:
New Look 6184
New Look 6299
New Look 6723
New Look 6594, version 2

Left to right:
New Look 6093, version 1
New Look 6093, version 2
New Look 6093, version 3
New Look 6093, version 4

Left to right:
New Look 6000, version 1
New Look 6000, version 2
New Look 6000, version 3
New Look 6070


Just to prove that I do, occasionally, use other pattern brands!

Left to right:
Style 2057
The Big Stitch remake
Butterick 5997 (top) and Self-drafted skirt (bottom)
Wardrobe By Me 'Grace' dress