Vintage Gallery

This blog is now more than eight years old, and has over 500 posts. That's a fair amount of information and pictures, so in an attempt to bring some order to the chaos I have created these gallery pages. They contain pictures of pretty much everything I have made in that time (and, I've realised, a lot of views of my back yard in various shades of yellow!), with hyperlinks to the blogposts.

This page contains all of my vintage makes. Most of them are made from either reissue or original patterns, with a few self-drafted items at the bottom. They are ordered by pattern brand, but entirely random in terms of either creation date or pattern date.


I hadn't realised just how many Butterick patterns I had made up until I came to put this page together. A few are definite candidates for re-use.

Left to right:
Butterick 6877 - 1954 original
Butterick 6582 - 1960 reissue
Butterick 5748 - 1960 reissue
Butterick 4384 - 1967 original

Left to right:
Butterick 5716 - 1953 reissue
Butterick 6620 - 1953 original, worn with self-drafted pom-pom skirt
Butterick 2535 - 1943 original


Some you win, some you lose. Simplicity reissue 1777, with some vintage improvements taken from the original version (4463) is one of my favourite patterns - hence the three versions shown here. Simplicity 1587 however remains the worst thing I have ever made!

Left to right:
Simplicity 1777, version 1 - 1940s reissue with a few period tweaks
Simplicity 1777, version 2 - includes some features from the 1942 original
Simplicity 1777, version 3 - includes some features from the 1942 original

Left to right:
Simplicity 2683, version 1 - 1948 original
Simplicity 2683, version 2 - 1948 original
Simplicity 1587 (aka The Dress of Frump) - 1940s reissue

Left to right:
Simplicity 4896 - 1944 original, worn with Vogue 7464 (hat) and Vogue 9546 (dress)
Simplicity 6563 - 1974 original


Style was one of my favourite brands when I first started dressmaking, and now I have a particular soft spot for Style patterns from 1979. I'm slowly expanding into other years as well!

Left to right:
Style 2912, version 1 - 1979 original
Style 2630 - 1979 original
Style 2912, version 2 - 1979 original

Left to right:
Style 2833 - 1979 original
Style 1462 - 1976 original
Style 1195 - late 1950s/early 1960s (?) original, with self-drafted skirt


I'm not sure if this is still that case, but initially Vogue was the only one of the Big 4 pattern companies to create reissue patterns from the original pattern pieces rather than the pattern envelope illustration. To modern eyes, this can make for some odd pattern shapes and unfamiliar construction techniques, but I (mostly) enjoy the challenge of making them!

Left to right:
Vogue 2787, version 1 - 1948 reissue
Vogue 2787, version 2 - 1948 reissue
Vogue 8789 - 1957 reissue
Vogue 9546, version 1 - 1942 original

Left to right:
Vogue 8686 - 1933 reissue
Vogue 2859, version 1 - 1935 reissue
Vogue 2401 - 1952 reissue
Vogue 2859, version 2 - 1935 reissue

Left to right:
Vogue 7422 - 1951 original
Vogue 5215 - 1961 original
Vogue 9546, version 2 - 1942 original

Self-drafted and other

Drafting my own patterns is one of the (many, many) things which I really enjoy doing, but don't do enough of. Non-'Big 4' patterns are also in this section.

Left to right:
'Vegas Night' dress
CC41 dress, version 1
CC41 dress, version 2

Left to right:
Late 50s/early 60s pinafore dress
'Autumn Roses' dress worn with 'Autumn Roses' hat
Maudella 4267 - late 1940s/early 1950s (?) original