Sunday, 4 November 2018

#VintagePledge - into the 1970s

Way back in January, in my plans for this year's pledge, I wrote that it was time to drag myself away from the 1940s and 50s styles I love, and explore the period 1960-1989. I made a start with Butterick 4384 (1967), but I must admit that my next plan is a bit of a cheat.

The late 1970s (and early 1980s where I grew up, it was not at the cutting edge of fashion!) saw a revival of 1940s looks. Hair appeared in rolls, or pinned up with clips or combs. Skirts got straighter, and shoulder pads made an appearance: not the gigantic, have-to-go-through-doors-sideways ones of the later 1980s, just a more defined shoulder.

sort-of rolled hair and Vogue 1718 by Bill Blass, 1977

Another rolled 'do' in the centre, and padded shoulders - Style 2890, 1979

Hair comb and Vogue 1725 by Jean Muir, 1977

Modern hair but 1940s-style dresses - Style 2861, 1979

The pattern I'm going to make is also from 1979, Style 2912. Unlike 2861 it has no fitting at the waist, relying on a belt for shaping.

More hair swept up on view 3

It is also an early version of multi-size patterns, combining sizes 12 and 14. I'm a size 14, but the pattern has been cut to a 12. However because it is printed with both cutting and sewing lines, it was easy to just add the seam allowance to the larger sewing lines, and trace off the correct size.

Front, showing the dual lines and notches

I am making view 1, the long-sleeved version, and I managed to find a cotton remnant in a reasonably period appropriate colour and print. Style was my favourite brand, and I made up lots of their patterns in the late seventies and into the 1980s; just seeing that logo on the top of the envelope brings back lots of memories. So I'm looking forward to making this one - it will be a real blast from the past!

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