Sunday, 22 December 2013

Re-Do and One Metre

Whoops! Not one but two Historical Sew Fortnightly challenges have come and gone, and I've not posted about either of them.

First up was Re-Do. This was a chance to pick any previous challenge and re-do it (or do it for the first time). It could be one that you didn’t finish, one that you wish you’d had more time for, or any time for, or one where you loved the theme so much you want to do it again. You can see the results here and here.

The next challenge was One Metre. This one was self-explanatory; make an item that takes one metre or less fabric. The results for this one are here and here.

30 December is the final challenge for the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2013*; Celebrate. Assuming that I can drag myself away from overeating (and reading the new books which Santa may bring for me, fingers crossed), I'm hoping to tick off two challenges for this one. Firstly, finally finish the Green challenge. Secondly, celebrate getting the dratted thing done!

* - 2013 may be nearly over, but there is a Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 coming hot on its heels. Yay! Having said that I wouldn't take part, I find I'm already wondering if maybe I could squeeze a couple of little, challenge-appropriate, projects into my schedule. Could be a busy year.

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