Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mr Tulip strikes a pose

I finally persuaded Mr Tulip to let me take a photograph of him in his Moroccan djellaba, and here he is, echoing the photograph of him posing in Abdullah's original, all those years ago.

Mr Tulip, in djellaba and shesh

It's my dance class Christmas party this week, and I'm performing a piece I choreographed some years ago as homework, but have never actually danced for the class. It's also an excuse to wear my Golden Era costume again, so I needed to make sure that it still fits. Then, when I was looking at a YouTube clip of Samia Gamal dancing with Farid el Atrache, I noticed that he was wearing a striped galabeya, and had An Idea. A very silly idea indeed, involving clothing from a completely different country, but one I just had to try out.

So here is. Exhibit A: a still from the film clip. Unfortunately I don't know what the film is called (anyone out there who can read Arabic?). And apologies for the poor picture quality.

Farid el Atrache and Samia Gamal

The film details, taken from YouTube

Exhibit B: Mr Tulip and me, in a very vague approximation of the pose!


  1. Looking very chic.. Or do i mean shesh?
    Love the pose. Mr looks suitably stern and manly for a melodrama, even in peudo-Arabic. And you look like a veery beeoootiful maiden.

  2. Ps love your dress. What is it?

  3. Thanks Lyndle!

    The dress is based on belly dance costumes from what is known as the Golden Era; the period of the late 1940s and 1950s when Egyptian cinema was at its height, and made lots of films featuring the best-known dancers of the time, such as Samia Gamal and Tahia Carioca.