Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tools of the trade - a bead spinner

I first came across bead spinners in a belly dance costuming forum. Although few modern costumes have the extensive fringing that many people associate with the archetypal dance costume, there’s still a lot of beading involved, and it’s much easier to do using pre-strung beads than applying them one by one.

Belly dance hip belt with beading and fringing

I wasn’t entirely convinced by the description on the forum, but when I found one greatly reduced in my local craft shop’s sale I bought it anyway. It was certainly money well spent. I wouldn’t have been able to even contemplate the beaded dress project without it.

Bead spinner

You half-fill the dish on the top of the spinner with beads, turn the spindle to rotate the dish, and pick the beads up on a special needle with a curved end. I’m aware that’s a fairly feeble explanation, so here’s a much clearer video demonstration instead.

Different type of needle are available.

Needles for a bead spinner

The bottom one has a small eye at the end, like a normal needle, whereas the smaller one is a ‘big-eye’; most of the straight part it two narrow wires, joined together at each end. It’s just a case of experimenting and finding what works best for you.


  1. hi, pleas i wanna know if u sell the spinner? if not do u know someone who does n ship it here to me to Amman-Jordan ?

  2. plz inform mr asap

  3. Hi,

    I don't sell them, but you could try Spoilt Rotten Beads - the video demonstration I linked to is theirs. Contact them via