Friday 5 April 2013

Improved Productivity Levels

Now that all the fabric painting has been done, the next stage is couching the beads round the various motifs. That’s a lot of hand sewing, and I could really do with something to listen to while I sew. It doesn’t have to be radio or CDs; I frequently treat television as ‘radio with pictures’, and just glance up from time to time. If I could find something which Mr Tulip could watch as well, that would be even better.

Happily for me, something which fits the bill exactly has just started.

When I first got together with Mr Tulip, I knew nothing about cricket (apart from the fact that England weren’t very good at it at that time). However it quickly became apparent that Test Match Special was going to play a big part in my life, so it made sense to at least understand what was going on. Almost 20 years later, I remain hazy about the precise details of leg before wicket, but have done an awful lot of sewing while listening to cricket commentary.

It’s some time before the first Test Match of the season, but the 2013 IPL (Indian Premier League) started on Wednesday. I certainly won’t watch/listen to all of the games, but 76 matches over 54 days equals a lot of potential sewing time.

And just to show what I’ll be doing, here’s a picture of the section I'm currently working on.

Before and after the beading

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