Friday, 26 April 2013

A wiggle

The good news is that I have started work on the third and final set of the skirt panels. The bad news is that all is Not Well in beading-land.

This is what I got when I took the panel out of the frame. The line of darker gold beads on the right is fine, but the line on the left has a distinct wiggle in it.

One side smooth, one side wiggly

This hasn't happened with the other panel designs; they have turned out much like the line drawings.

The other motifs

My embroidery frame is large enough for me to bead two motifs at the same time. The other panel is smooth on the left but has a wiggle on the right, albeit not nearly so pronounced.

Same (smaller) problem, but other side

I think that I may have stretched the fabric too tightly when I was sewing or I bunched the beads too closely together. However it seems odd that it has only occurred on one side of each motif. The alternative is that the fabric was not stretched evenly in the frame.

I am going to work on the next pair very, very carefully, and see how they turn out. But whatever happens, a certain amount of unpicking and reworking will be needed on the first pair.


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