Sunday, 16 September 2018

Spring fashions, 1966

After last week's horoscopes, I thought I'd look at the actual patterns which appeared in that issue of Vogue Pattern Book - the Spring 1966 issue.

Vogue 1569, by St Laurent, on the cover

The contents page shows another view of the suit, and the hat.

The blouse is also from Vogue 1569

Two fabulous hats appear in this feature, 'Spring in Town'.

Left to right - 1559, 1566 (both by Dior), 6680

'Spring Colours' shows some of the fabrics available this season.

Left - 1563, right - 6691

Left - 1560, right - 1562

St Laurent's 'Mondrian' dress appears in this issue.

Left - 1556, right - 1557

There are also patterns by Italian designers. (So. Much. Hair.)

Left top - 1564 (Galitzine, 2 photos), left bottom - 1552 (Forquet), right - 1555 (Fabiani)

The feature 'Evening Extravaganza' does not use the pattern art, instead the models are completely redrawn.

Left to right - 6636, 6628, 6634

The article on how to sew lace has little in the way of actual instructions, but lots of pictures of Vogue patterns made up in lace.

Left to right - 6630, 6635, 6629, 6642

'The Vogue Touch' is all about embelishments: replacing buttons with frog fastens, adding trims etc.

Left to right - 6683, 6722, 6692, 6716

Bold fabrics and another amazing hat in 'The Softened Look'.

Left - 6719, right 6686

And finally, back to colour (and big hair) in a feature on suits.

Left - 6696, right - 6712

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