Sunday, 15 January 2017

The University Chapel Project - belated December 2016 update

Oops! This post got completely forgotten in the run-up to Christmas - apologies to all involved.

The kneeler group got together as planned on Saturday 19 November to put the kneelers together. They got close enough to completed to take a few pictures in the chapel, and Ros did the last bits of finishing off later.

One of the kneelers on the chapel steps

Ros with the kneeler

The kneelers have since been used for a wedding in early December. Both the bride and groom are known to several members of the kneeler group, which made the first use particularly special.

The back, showing the date and the initials of the kneeler group members

When I came to put this post together I realised that I only had pictures of one kneeler, but will get some photographs of the pair next week.

The next meeting of the group will be on Friday 27 January, at noon, in room CSH111 in Senate House.

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