Sunday, 1 November 2015

Something different

I'm starting a new project, and I'm really thrilled about it.

My friend Suzanne Iuppa is taking part in Sanctum, a 24-day project of continuous performance in the Temple Church in Bristol. Suzanne is a poet, and will be performing poems from her most recent collection of work Well Spring, inspired by 10 sacred spring sites in Wales. She has asked me to make her a costume for the performance.

I usually only make clothes for myself, so this is a great opportunity for me to practise fitting on another person. Suzanne has taken her costume inspiration from two films about Joan of Arc; the 1928 silent The Passion of Joan of Arc by Carl Dreyer, and Robert Bresson's The Trial of Joan of Arc from 1962. So, I'm looking at something very different from my usual creations. Exciting!

The Passion of Joan of Arc

The Trial of Joan of Arc

The Trial of Joan of Arc

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