Monday, 25 March 2013


This fortnight’s challenge in the Historical Sew Fortnightly is Stripes. I haven’t taken part in this challenge, but you can see the other entries here.

I do have some news on the stripy front however. Ever since I visited the Off The Peg exhibition of Horrockses Fashions last autumn, I have wanted to make my own Horrockses-esqe, bias-cut bodice dress from Vogue pattern 8789.

Horrockses advertisement

Vogue 8789, view A

On our recent holiday I came across Over The Moon in Glastonbury, a lovely shop selling vintage items, gifts, haberdashery and best of all, fabric. (Actually the fabric is right at the back of the shop, but glancing through the window in passing, it was still the first thing I saw!) I found this pretty mauve striped cotton, which will be ideal.


Not that I think I’m going to need a cotton summer dress, or my Victorian sunbonnet, for some time. It may be officially spring, but this is what our garden currently looks like.


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