Monday, 11 March 2013

Cobblers' bairns

"Cobblers' bairns are poorest shod", is a saying from Scotland, where I grew up. It means that the children (bairns) of a cobbler always have the worst shoes, because their father is too busy making or repairing shoes for other people to attend to the needs of his own family.

Before we went on holiday, I washed all my work clothes and hung them up to dry, so that they would be ready to put away when we got back home with a new pile of laundry to do.

This is the sight which greeted me when we got back.

Black, navy, grey and ...more black

Oh dear. I know that I tend to wear a lot of black or dark clothes for work, but it's only seeing them all together which makes it obvious just how much black I wear. It's like a 21st century mourning warehouse. And even worse, they are all shop-bought. I spend so much time making dance clothes, or fixing things for other people, or making fancy going-out clothes for myself, that I never get round to making myself any ordinary, everyday clothes.

This really needs to change.

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