Sunday, 27 November 2022

Caught at last

It had to happen eventually. Last week I finally tested positive for Covid, for the first time.

I've had all my jabs and boosters and they did the trick, I got off very lightly. I've had far worse colds*. I'm almost recovered now, but I've done no sewing all week - which is probably my definition of 'seriously ill'! So instead, here's a picture-heavy post about another Vogue Pattern Book. Brace yourselves, we’re heading into the 1970s!

Last week's post about my 1980s top reminded me of another batwing-sleeved pattern in my collection. I found it in a charity shop some time ago, and bought it precisely because the sleeve design was so not of its time.

Vogue 8388 - batwing sleeves, but make it seventies

I knew that it was from 1972, so looked through my collection of Pattern Books to see if I could find any photographs of it made up, and that's how I came to be browsing the Autumn 1972 issue.

Found it in here

Being early 1970s, there's lots of browns and large checks.

Lots . . .

. . . and lots

. . . and lots

The effect is indeed total - and not in a good way

Even when colours other than brown do get a look-in, large checks are still very much in evidence. For example, in this feature on fabrics.

Blue and green (and checked)

There is no escape

At least they don't appear in this drawing.

A double-page spread on Vogue 2749

This is the pattern

Or on these clothes. I have Questions about the practicality of the Galitzine design, but there's no denying it's fabulous.

Searching for the Sugar Plum Fairy in Vogue 2765

I'd make it longer but I'd wear this, Vogue 8399

Halter culotte by Galitzine, Vogue 2731

But what about Vogue 8388? It appears in a feature on "Super Sensational Shirts", along with V8401, V8424, and some truly alarming fabric choices.

I have had migraines that looked like the fabric on the right!

Vogue 8388 made up

View A - that's some collar

View C

To me, the check patterns are so bold that they completely mask the sleeve design, which seems to rather defeat the point. Especially given that it's clear from the Patterns Guide section that this is the only garment in the issue with sleeves outside the norm.

8388 is bottom right

I do have some fabric in my stash which I think might work with this pattern, and I fear that curiosity may get the better of me at some point! If I do try it, at least I've now found this handy article on tackling the sleeves.

Tips for Dolman sleeves

* - The worst thing was one day when I just could not stop coughing, and ended up with very sore ribs and an aching diaphragm. Then I remembered that I'd once tried on a corset in a costume museum when I had a really bad cough, and it had been bizarrely helpful - just enough support to stop everything from hurting. So I dug out my Laughing Moon corset and put it on over my dress, and it worked perfectly!

Just as well that I was stuck in the house, though!


  1. Glad you're recovering. We've been got in the last week as well, still feeling a bit breathless on day 8 but my O2 is fine so I think that's more in my head. Also get tired faster as does my husband, not helped by sleep being harder for us. I need to get back to my sewing, need more undies before anything else.

    1. Glad to hear that you're on the mend and able to get back to sewing.