Thursday, 30 March 2017

Well, this is awkward

Oops! Having posted about my plans for this year’s Vintage Pledge only a few days ago, and selected my most suitable fabrics from The Stash, I moved something in my workroom and unearthed - yet another dress length! Even worse, it’s one of the most vintage-y looking fabrics that I own.

Yet more fabric. Yet more green.

This had got so lost that it didn’t even feature in the original Collage of Shame. I think that I bought it about three years ago, possibly even more. I do remember that at around the same time I found some green braid which was an almost exact match, and had the idea for a cream collar with a braid edging. I also remember how ridiculously hard it was to find fabric in the right shade of cream; who knew that there were so many?

Anyway, folded up in the striped fabric were the braid, the cream fabric (thank goodness I didn’t lose that!) and the pattern I’d decided upon. I’m not keen on the mega-pockets, but I have an idea for alternatives. So, into the Vintage Pledge mix it goes.

With collar fabric, braid and pattern

Now I’m slightly worried about what else is lurking in that room!

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