Sunday, 30 October 2016

Happy, happy, happy

As well as making fabulous shoes, and creating Pinterest boards which cause you to lose hours drooling over the pretties (ask me how I know), Lauren of American Duchess somehow also finds time to write an excellent blog. I always enjoy reading it, but her most recent post made my little heart sing.

Joy of joys, Simplicity are going to start actually using their vintage patterns to create reissues, rather than redrafting them from scratch! Woot! Hopefully this will address some of the things which I complained about in this post.

The thing is, I absolutely love the end result of Simplicity 1777. It was just a shame that it took so much fiddling to turn it into my idea of a 1940s dress. So I'm unreasonably thrilled that Simplicity vintage patterns are going a bit more, well, vintage. This 1930s beauty is one of the first reissues under the new approach - coming out in the winter catalogue. It's now on my 'To make' list, so in due time I'll be reporting on how well it turns out.

Added to my sewing wishlist


  1. Hi - I have just been catching up on some of your blog posts. The masters sounds fascinating. And I love the picture of your fashion and sewing books - it's great to see a set of bookshelves with so many familiar spines and titles. Simplicity 8248 does look like a winner. I look forward to seeing and reading about any developments!

    1. Thank you Kate. Yes, I suspect we have a lot of books in common - it's good to find another blog where Weldon’s Encyclopaedia of Needlework gets a mention!