Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The University Chapel Project - December 2015 update

A combination of Christmas commitments and bad weather meant that last Friday’s meeting of the Chapel Stitchers was smaller than usual – so more mince pies to go round! Those people who had not forgotten to bring their completed hands (sorry) laid what they had completed so far on the background cloth to give an idea of how it might look.

Panoramic shot of the hands laid out

(Thanks to Kath for the photos. As well as the hands, I forgot to bring my camera along – sigh.)

It was great to see so many different interpretations of the basic embroidered hand idea together; hopefully the end result will look amazing.

A selection of the hands, some completed and some in progress

We also experimented a bit with coloured organza overlays, but agreed that no decision is needed on this until the frontal is much closer to completion.

Testing the effect of organza overlays

With the altar frontal starting to take shape we spent some time discussing the other elements of the project. Ros and Claire are keen to make a start on the kneelers, and Kath has asked for people to bring idea and sketches to the next meeting. We also need to decide on the design for the stoles, lectern cloth, and communion sets. The suggested stole design of the amber cross and hands on one side and simple lines of the colours at the base on the other side was popular, but other ideas are welcome.

Suggested stole design

The next meeting is on 8th January, 12 noon in the usual room in Senate House (CSH112). Please bring along make as many hand shapes as you’re able to make, but don’t forget to take some time off from sewing to enjoy your Christmas!

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