Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award

The lovely Gina of Beauty From Ashes, she of the very wonderful Sailor Suit of Swear and the I-hope-soon-to-be-completed (hint, hint) Ruth DeWitt Bukater Boarding Suit, has very kindly nominated me for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. Aww, thank you Gina!

There are five rules for the award, but I’m going to be Very Bad, and wimp out at three.
1.Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
2.Put the Award logo on your blog.
3.Answer the ten questions sent to you.
4.Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
5.Nominate ten blogs.

So, on to Gina’s questions.

1. What do you watch/listen to while sewing? Quite often, nothing. However Mr Tulip got me into listening to cricket commentary on the radio (i.e. Test Match Special was going to be on whether I liked it or not, so I decided I might as well take an interest), so I’ll listen to that if it’s on. Occasionally if I’ve got a lot of hand sewing to do I’ll put on a DVD, but it’s got to be something which I’ve watched before, so I don’t get too distracted by watching it.

2. What costume/outfit has filled you with the most sense of accomplishment and joy? This dress, which I made ages ago and only blogged about in relation to pattern matching.

I hadn't done much dressmaking for several years when I made it, but it fitted so perfectly that I just sighed with joy every time I put it on, and it inspired me to start making clothes again.

3. What is your favourite fabric/trim/embellishment to work with when making an outfit? I have an unreasonable weakness for self-covered buttons - I have to stop myself from putting them on every garment I make, even ones which don’t need buttons!

4. Do you take a lunch/food break while sewing or sew right on through the hunger? I have to take a break. It might be a little late sometimes, but skipped meals and being a migraine sufferer really don’t go well together.

5. Would you rather read something Sci-Fi or a historical/classics novel? Historical/classics every time, I don’t really do Sci-Fi.

6. When going out to eat at a restaurant, do you like to sit outside in the fresh air or inside the restaurant? Living in the north-west of England, the climate tends to answer this one for me! It does mean though that when the weather is good enough to eat outdoors, I really appreciate it.

7. What has been your most favourite historical place to visit? Easy. Venice, hands down.

8. What fills you with awe and wonder when you gaze upon it and why? Venice again. It’s astonishing to think that centuries ago a group of people moved to a marshy, mosquito-ridden swamp for safety, and when the danger had passed, instead of moving somewhere sensible they stayed put and built this amazing city.

9. If you could take a time machine and visit a certain time, what era/eras would those be? I'm a bit of a wimp when faced with the prospect of disease and grime, so it would have to be a flying visit to Renaissance Venice, avoiding mosquitoes, fires, plagues and assassins.

10. Do you prefer to go barefoot or shod on the cool summer grass? Have you ever noticed that no matter how hot it is, that grass is always cool? On grass, shod. However put me on a beach and I’ll nearly always end up barefoot (unless the water is really, really cold!)


  1. Most excellent answers to my questions! Venice....hrmmmm...I'm going to have to go research that now!!! Thank you!!!