Sunday, 11 January 2015

A few new buttons have arrived . . .

. . . and I don't mean the sort that you sew onto clothes! These are the sort which appear on the right hand side of this blog, and this year there are not one but two of them.

I deliberately haven't done a 'Review of 2014' post, because it's not a year I want to dwell on. But now it's a new year, and while it's dark and miserable outside, that's all the more reason to stay in and sew. So, what might 2015 bring?

First of all, The Dreamstress is hosting another year of historical sewing challenges. This year the challenges will be monthly, so as there are only 12, I'm really hoping that this year I actually get something made for all of them. I've already got things planned for January and February, and as for March's 'stashbusting' challenge; well the main challenge is, 'where to start?'!

As well as giving me the necessary kick to actually get some sewing completed, the great thing about the Historical Sew events is the opportunity they provide to see the fabulous work of the other participants. I'm thrilled that the Historical Sew Fortnightly/Monthly is happening again, and a massive thank you to Leimomi and the other moderators, Sarah and Elizabeth, for all the hard work they put in to keep it running smoothly.

While tumbling down the rabbit hole of other sewing blogs, I came across Marie's A Stitching Odyssey, and in particular her Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge for last year. My stash of vintage sewing patterns (as opposed to modern reissues) has, ahem, 'expanded' over the last few years, but I've never actually made anything from them. In my defence, I'd say that it's because if I'm not using a reissue I've tended to draft my own patterns for vintage clothing (like the CC41 dress and the Mikko dress), but then what's the point of buying these patterns? The good news is that the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge is back for 2015, so I've signed up and pledged to make up three (for once, let's keep it to something I can actually manage) of my vintage patterns. Now I just need to decide which patterns to use.

Some of my patterns from the 1930s and 1940s

And some from the 1950s and 1960s

Actually, I do know what I'm doing for my first pledge - but that's for a future post.

Happy 2015!


  1. Awww, thank you for the thanks! It's our pleasure! And I don't think I've said it yet, but I was completely awed by your other buttons, the CC41 ones.

  2. Oh, I had not known about the vintage one but I do have a stash of vintage patterns I've been meaning to do something with. I just popped over there and grabbed a button! I am going to try this challenge, and get back into the HSM again too. In fact, I was so inspired by you, I updated my blog with buttons of all the group challenges I've done!


    1. Fabulous! You always make such lovely things, I'm looking forward to seeing what you create for both challenges.