Saturday, 16 June 2012

A 'Tarantella' dress

As part of our preparation for This is Deva 2012, Meroe choreographed a new dance which included some ideas inspired by the tarantella. This needed a new costume, and initially we were thinking of having new dresses. Time and budget shortages meant that this didn't quite work out but it did remind me that I have always liked princess line dresses with a full skirt. I need some new summer dresses anyway, and have just the pattern .

Yes, in line with my plan for stash reduction, I am using a pattern which I already have, one which I've never used. In fact, I dread to imagine just how long I've had it; the shop whose name is stamped on the front closed in 2002!

My decade-old (at least) pattern

I want to make a few changes; namely remove the tie at the back, change to a back, zip opening, and alter the back neckline. The length will probably end up somewhere between the two options shown.

As I'm not buying a pattern, the rules allow me to buy some fabric. When I saw this in my local fabric shop I felt that it was just the light, fresh look I was after. 

Striped cotton with a fresh, summery feel

However having looked a the pattern pieces in more detail, I now realize that getting the stripe placement right is going to be tricky, and will take careful planning of the cutting layout. The stripes need to match on each seam, otherwise the whole thing will just look messy. While I have done this before, on the ghawazee coat costume for Ya Raqs, that was with a simpler stripe pattern, and a stiffer fabric.

Ghawazee coats at the British Museum

Before I take scissors to fabric however, I need a pattern which actually fits. And that is a whole other post.

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