Sunday, 8 April 2012

Tackling "The Stash"

No pictures this week, because to photograph it all would take up far too much time, and space!

If you sew more than a very occasionally, you will have a 'stash'. It's as simple as that. The dressmaker who claims that she doesn't have one possesses either a) a truly impressive amount of self-discipline, or b) a stash so out of control that she is in complete denial. The fabric which you just can't resist, the trim which you fall in love with, those stunning vintage buttons: it all adds up.

As well as fabric, my own stash contains patterns (including a worrying number of much the same basic shape, with variations which I could have drafted myself), and several boxes full of various beads and sequins. The last category comes from making dance costumes; I always keep an eye open for suitable trimmings for the myriad costumes I am planning to make 'one day'.

However as the bolts, boxes and cupboards full of fabric and associated bits and pieces threaten to take over my entire workspace, I have decided that something needs to be done. Therefore I have resolved to follow the example of Jo, who writes the wonderful Bridges on the Body blog (more on that in a later post, I hope). Jo's rule is:

"I can only buy fabric if I use a pattern I already have. And I can only buy a pattern if I use fabric I already have. The only out is if I go through the work of drafting the pattern myself then I can justify some new fabric. .... The goal of the sewing rule is to have less fabric in boxes and nicer clothes in my closet."

I'm going to add an extra condition: I can buy supplementary fabric such as lining or a contrast for a collar etc. but the main fabric must come from my existing stock.

So, we will see how I get on.

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