Sunday, 13 May 2018

Colwyn Bay Forties Festival

Better late than never - here at last is my write-up of this year's Colwyn Bay Forties Festival.

Sadly the weather on the Sunday was not at all good, so most of my time was spent admiring the indoor displays. These have expanded a lot since my last visit in 2016. As well as the pop-up museum, which was full of everyday objects from life in the 1940s, there were lots of display boards about various aspects of life in wartime.

'Washing day' in the pop-up museum

One of the display boards

Best of all from my point of view, Weddings of Yesteryear were there with a fabulous display of 1940s wedding dresses and memorabilia.

I loved the neckline details on this dress

So glamorous

Cardboard 'cakes' were hired out by bakers once food rationing began

It wasn't just white wedding dresses. This bridesmaid's dress featured beautiful embroidery and beadwork.

Bridesmaid's dress with flowers, birds and butterflies

Close-up of the bodice

Embroidery and beadwork on the skirt

My favourite though was this smart blue and white ensemble. I couldn't work out whether the blue details were applied, or if the white fabric was cut away.

So 1940s!

Close-up of the bodice

Several of the shops had created 1940s window displays.

Taped windows, and period items for sale in the hospice shop

The staff in the Glass Lounge Coffee Shop really looked the part, with 1940s clothing and hair. I went in there for a warming cup of tea, and met a group of photographers who had had the same idea. As a result I can finish off with that rarest of things, a photograph of me which isn't taken in my back yard! Thanks to Sue Harris of Ellesmere Port Photographic Society for the image.

Dress my own design, hat from Heritage Re-loved, snood from Apple Tree Vintage


  1. This looks like a lovely little festival. The wedding exhibition is such a good idea. More events should put small displays like this together, rather than just focusing on shopping, music and fashion shows. xx

    1. In effect it's my 'local' festival, so it's nice to get to it if I can. xx