Sunday, 23 October 2016

The University Chapel Project - October 2016 update

Only a short meeting this month, as we didn't have a lot to discuss.

The altar top cloths and communion veils of all four sets are complete, as are the burses apart from adding silver thread to the cross on the cream set. This just leaves the pulpit and lectern falls in purple, cream and red, and the four stoles. Fiona and Kath will make up the falls, and I will do the stoles.

As last month, the main focus of attention was the kneelers. Ros and Rebecca "improved the shining hour" by working on them during the meeting!

Rebecca and Ros hard at work

Ros has also obtained the foam inners for the kneelers; one is visible at the front of the photograph above.

It turned out that none of us has ever made up a kneeler before, so we weren't entirely sure how to do it. Fortunately Rebecca found this website, which has full instructions. As making up will take longer than our usual two-hour lunchtime slot, we decided to have a Saturday afternoon session instead.

So the next meeting will be on Saturday 19 November at 2pm, in rooms CSH112 and CSH111. Kath will book the room, make sure that the porters are expecting us, and provide that all-important tool - a kettle!

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