Sunday, 14 February 2016

The University Chapel Project - February 2016 update

The latest meeting of the Chapel Stitchers took place on Friday 5 February. Since we last met, I had completed one final blue hand, also with a flower theme, and sent it to Christine.

Silk twill hand with felt flowers and beads

Christine brought the frontal to the meeting, with the hand arrangement tidied up and pinned in place. It will need a few alterations to include the remaining few hands which were brought along on the day.

Discussing the layout

Ros and Claire showed us the design for the kneelers. Because these will be used for confirmations and the installation of new Chaplains as well as for weddings, the rings have been removed from the design and substituted with an olive branch.

We then discussed the communion sets. These will be made from cotton poplin, with interlining added to give the stoles and veils more body. We agreed that the cross and hands design will be used on stole and lectern fall, and just the cross (in the shape of the Amber Peace Cross) on the communion veil and burse.

The hands will be cut out from heavy Vilene or other non-frayable fabric, and we will paint them with fabric dye at the next meeting. Once painted, they can be distributed for embroidering. The other end of the stole will consist of appliqu├ęd bands of colour, with embroidery over the top; Fiona has offered to stitch the coloured bands for all of the stoles.

Once we had completed planning the communion sets, we took the frontal down to the chapel. Even though there are still decisions to be made about the background, it was wonderful to see it 'in situ', and really get a feel for the project coming together.

In the chapel

The next meeting is on Friday 18 March, at noon, in the usual room in Senate House.

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